• NDI3 - New Developments in Immunology, Inflammation and Infection

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Virtual Conference from 11.11. - 12.11.2021



The NDI3 is a scientific conference standing for New Developments in Immunology, Inflammation and Infection. It is organized by motivated PhD students who aim to bring together young and ambitious scientists to share their research and have fruitful discussions. The conference is aimed at PhD students and postdoctoral research fellows interested in immunology, inflammation and infection. These topics will be combined in a modern agenda including presentations by international keynote speakers, talk and poster sessions.

This year, for the first time, the NDI3 will take place virtually as a two-day event from 11.- 12. of November 2021.






1st Day (Infection)
November 11th November 2021

10:00 am - Welcome to the 1st Day

10:15 am - 1st Keynote speech: Prof. Dr. Luke O’Neill, Ireland

11:15 am - Break

11:20 am: Talk Session 1

12:20 am - Lunch Break

01:20 pm - 2nd Keynote speech: Prof. Dr. Karsten Hiller, Germany

02:20 pm - Break 

02:25 pm - Talk Session 2

03:25 pm - Closing remarks 1st day & Information for Friday



2nd Day (Asthma & Allergy)
November 12th November 2021

10:00 am - Welcome to the 2nd Day

10:15 am - 3rd Keynote speech: Prof. Dr. John Holloway, United Kingdom

11:15 am - Break

11:20 am - Talk Sessions 3

12:20 pm - Break

12:35 pm - Poster Session

01:35 pm - Prizes & Closing remarks





Keynote Speaker


Prof. Luke O’Neill, Ireland

Luke O’Neill is Professor of Biochemistry in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He is a world expert on innate immunity and inflammation. His main research interests include Toll-like receptors, Inflammasomes and Immunometabolism. He is listed by Thompson Reuters/ Clarivates in the top 1% of immunologists in the world, based on citations per paper. Professor O'Neill is co-founder of Sitryx, which aims to develop new medicines for inflammatory diseases. Another company he co-founded, Inflazome was recently acquired by Roche.

He was awarded the Royal Dublin Society / Irish Times Boyle Medal for scientific excellence, the Royal Irish Academy Gold Medal for Life Sciences, The Society for Leukocyte Biology (SLB) Dolph O. Adams award, the European Federation of Immunology Societies Medal and in 2018 the Milstein Award of the International Cytokine and Interferon Society. He is a member of the Royal Irish Academy, EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organisation) and a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Luke also has a passion for communicating science to the public. He has a weekly radio slot on the Pat Kenny show on Newstalk. In 2018 he published with Gill the best-selling ‘Humanology: a scientist’s guide to our amazing existence’  and in 2019 Gill published ‘The Great Irish Science Book’, a Science book for 10-12 year olds. His latest book, also published by Gill is called ‘Never Mind the B#ll*cks Here’s the Science’.



Prof. Karsten Hiller, Germany

Professor Dr Karsten Hiller is the director of Biochemistry and Bioinformatics and head of the Immunometabolism Team at the University of Braunschweig. He obtained his diploma in Biology and Computer Science and performed his PhD in Bioinformatics and Microbiology at the University of Braunschweig, Germany and focused on the development of algorithms for the analysis of metabolomics data.

His team discovered that mammalian macrophages reprogram their metabolism to synthesize the antimicrobial and immunomodulatory metabolite itaconate. Moreover, Prof Hiller and his team investigate macrophage physiology during an infection with bacterial pathogens. They developed a strong expertise in stable-isotope assisted metabolomics and metabolic flux analysis both on a whole cell as well as on a mitochondrial sub-compartment level. The team takes advantage of its in-house bioinformatics background to develop tailored tools for the analysis of GC-MS based data obtained from stable-isotope labeling experiments.



Prof. Dr. John Holloway, United Kingdom

John Holloway is Associate Vice-President (Interdisciplinary Research) at the University of Southampton, UK and Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Genetics in the Faculty of Medicine. His research program focuses on genetics, epigenetics, and functional genomics of allergic and respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, with a particular focus on the mechanisms of transgenerational and prenatal programming of respiratory disease, epigenetic mechanisms underlying atopy and asthma susceptibility and gene-environment interactions in the early life origins of asthma and COPD.



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